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Fives designs and supplies a wide range of equipment, systems and processes for combustion

  • Minerals: equipment for rotary kilns and drying applications
  • Metals: combustion solutions for aluminum, steel, copper and similar high temp industries
  • Energy: Equipment for boilers, HRSG, waste incinerators
  • Oil & Gas: petrochemical heaters, process equipment for refineries and gas plants (flares, process burners, Claus units & tail gas units burners)
  • Advanced furnace controls
  • Emission treatment solutions and burners for environmental applications
  • New furnaces, turnkey retrofits and furnace and HGG repair

The Group and its Combustion dedicated teams – comprising nearly 1,000 people in France, Italy, Spain, Germany, India, China, Canada, the Netherlands, Belgium and the United States – offer customized solutions for a wide range of key industrial markets.

With a strong legacy based upon renowned brands such as Pillard, North American and ITAS, Fives is a recognized provider of outstanding combustion solutions at the heart of the customers’ performance.

Fives’ offer includes a wide range of burners, fluid handling systems, blowers, control systems, combustion accessories and flue gas analyzers, with the associated support and services (maintenance, spares, retrofit, overhauling and upgrading).

With manufacturing and support operations strategically located worldwide, Fives and its Combustion teams offer highly efficient equipment and technologies aiming at helping their customers in exceeding their objectives in terms of energy consumption, polluting emissions and improved performance.

From system design to installation and throughout the product’s lifecycle, Fives proposes the ultimate solution to the customer and executes projects as a true partner. It is a value-added resource, with a global presence, a culture of active listening, and decades of expertise and experience of understanding and adapting to customers’ needs.

Combustion, a worldwide expertise leaning on 4 leading companies

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Fives Pillard

Born in 1920, Fives Pillard designs and supplies combustion equipment and run-safe control systems, mainly for the cement & mineral industries, for the production of electrical and thermal energy, and the oil & gas industry. Fives Pillard also provides an extended range of analyzers and instruments in order to master plant monitoring: combustion optimizing, flame detection, ignition, in hazardous zones with ATEX certified instruments.

Thanks to its technological innovations, Fives Pillard is able to meet the requirements of major industrial groups worldwide in terms of energy consumption, pollutant emissions and improved performance.


Since 1976, ITAS designs and manufactures combustion plants for all industrial applications with unique technical and operating features for metal, steel, ceramic, brick, surface treatment, packaging printing, graphics, textiles, paper, pharmaceutical, co-generation and electricity production markets. ITAS operates in all those processes where heat is required for baking, drying or treating various materials, using burners designed to give the best performance with low CO and NOx emissions.

ITAS offers ecological solutions for emissions treatment tailored to every situation. They are the result of the most advanced research in the technology of treatment of Volatile Organic Compounds and take into consideration all the parameters in order to reach the perfect balance between investments and thermal recovery.

Fives North American Combustion

Fives North American and its subsidiaries have provided industrial combustion equipment, and furnace retrofit of combustion systems for nearly a century. The creative energy and engineering expertise of the teams come together to provide the best in class technology; supplying breakthrough new products, end-point technology, and solutions that improve customer’s facility's performance, and bottom line.

Fives North American supplies over 25 markets spanning a variety of metals markets, steam generation applications, incineration, ceramics, and air heating across many Industries.

North American Construction Services

As a subsidiary of Fives North American, North American Construction Services (NACS), engineers and manufactures state of the art furnaces for the forging industry, heat treating, specialty steel, secondary aluminum melting and holding.

Together with Fives North American, the company also supplies complete turnkey installation of combustion system for retrofits spanning over 25 markets.
To aid its customers with life cycle support, NACS  offers  refractory and fabrication services for life cycle furnace maintenance as well as emergency repair when needed.