North American Blowers

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North American Turbo Blower with Filter Silencer-FIVES Fives Combustion

Fives manufactures a wide range of North American direct, coupled, or belt driven blowers primarily for combustion applications.  The flat performance curve of the turbo blower designs are ideal for multi-zone combustion applications and may be also desirable in pressurized air supply systems, process drying and trim ejection applications.

All blowers come standard with premium energy efficient motors which meet the requirements of EISA.

The all metal construction of mild steel, cast aluminum or corrosion resistant stainless steel creates a rugged blower allowing for years of trouble free operation.  Lightweight fabricated aluminum or steel impeller designs are based on aerospace technology providing longer motor life and low starting inertia.

A full array of new, replacement and aftermarket accessories are available including air filters, silencers, air filter silencer combinations, inlet adaptors, outlet adaptors, flexible sleeves, inlet vane dampers, AC frequency drives, pressure switches, purge proof switches and combination motor starters and fusible disconnects.

  • North American Coupled Drive Turboblower-FIVES Fives Combustion
  • North American Direct Drive Turboblower-FIVES Fives Combustion
  • North American Turbo Blower with inlet silencer, inlet vane damper and FGR-FIVES Fives Combustion
  • North American Turboblower with silencer and filter-FIVES Fives Combustion

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