The origins

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Combustion business line has evolved from various mergers and acquisitions and was created from 3 main companies: Fives ITAS, Fives North American, and Fives Pillard. 

1917– North American Manufacturing Company was founded  in Cleveland, Ohio. From its start as an electric motor repair shop it grew into a global leader in the design and supply of industrial combustion equipment, furnaces and services it is today.

1920 – Pillard Frères was created by A. and M. Pillard brothers in France. The company first concentrated on fuel oil burning techniques, especially for marine boilers.

1976 – ITAS was created and soon became well known as a manufacturer of combustion plants for textiles, ceramics and printing.

A tradition of pioneering technologies and international project management

02 2 COMBUSTION History FIVES ITAS tradition-FIVES

1929 – North American invented the industry’s first dual fuel burner, giving customers the flexibility to burn either gas or oil without changing out the combustion equipment.

1977 – ITAS entered the international market and quickly met success with significant orders for VOC emission treatment, turnkey plants and flares.

1996 – North American introduced the Magna Flame™ LE / LEx product line providing customers with single digit NOx and CO emission on a wide range of processes .  

1989 – Pillard patented the RotaFlam® burner and installed it first at the Lägerdorf cement plant in Germany 

1993 – North American introduced the regenerative TwinBed® II burner line and it quickly establishes itself as one of the best regenerative products on the global market.  

2009 – The new Pillard NovaFlam® burner was developed for rotary kilns. 

From several brands to Fives

1969 – Pillard became a subsidiary of Fives.

2008 – Pillard EGCI changed name to Fives Pillard and started sharing the same new visual identity as all the Fives Group’s companies. 

2008 – North American Manufacturing Company became a subsidiary of Fives and changed name to Fives North American Combustion Inc. 

2014 – ITAS became a subsidiary of Fives changed name to Fives ITAS

2014 – Fives gathered all its activities under a single brand and created 19 business lines. The Combustion business line specializes in the design, supply and installation of high performance combustion process solutions and services.