Pillard NovaFlam received the Engineered Sustainability® brand

Product Burners NovaFlam -FIVES

Pillard NovaFlam, Fives’ rotary kiln burner for cement plant was recently awarded the Engineered Sustainability® brand.

The Engineered Sustainability® approach defines a demanding and long-term eco-design process, and leads to branding solutions which offer high levels of industrial and environmental performance with the Engineered Sustainability® mark.

The eco-design studies on Pillard NovaFlam, which started in February 2013, revealed that this technology allows customer achieving:

→ A better plant Operability:

  • Higher kiln availability with 30% less volatilization, no reduced yellow clinker, less ring formation, less refractory maintenance
  • Flexibility with a high reactivity to variable conditions
  • Easy to use for operator

→ Improvements on plant Performances:

  • A clinker quality improved up to 2 Mpa higher at 3 days strength.  
  • A specific consumption reduction with 4% reduction of fuel consumption and 5% reduction of cement mill power consumption.
  • Production improvement up to 4 to 7%
  • A high alternative fuel substitution with up to 100% fluff and 60% saw dust
  • NOx reduction  up to 11% 

Benefits are based on best cases studies achieved performances compared to competitive technologies previously installed. These performances are not all achievable simultaneously.