ITAS corner burners

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Fives offers systems designed for pre-heated combustion air and for different kind of combustible, using commercial fuels or special ones, depending on customer’s needs. ITAS corner burners are used for drying in various markets/applications; they are all compliant with safety regulations, whatever the country.

Low emission technology

ITAS corner burners are the ultimate solution for emission-sensitive processes due to low NOx, CO and aldehydes.

Robust and proven design    

Based on a robust and proven design, ITAS corner burners ensure a long life-cycle, while the robust design allows for heavy duty application.

Short flame, high ratio regulation

Thanks to its ultimate design, ITAS corner burner’s flame is short according to the maximum power, thus requiring less space and allowing more compact installation. Thanks to high turn down ratio the control of the process is easy, while the efficiency is ultimate.

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Paper, textile, ceramic, print, tannery, bricks, painting, co-generation, converting, chemical and other process plant

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