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The North American Combustion Handbook

The North American Combustion Handbooks provide a basic reference source on the Art and Science of Industrial Heating with gaseous and liquid fuels.  First printed in 1952 it has been updated continuously to reflect advances in the technology behind combustion equipment and controls and is now in its third edition.  More than 100,000 printed copies have been distributed worldwide.

The purpose of the handbook is to provide users of combustion equipment with the following:

  • A basic explanation of the theory of combustion
  • Outlines for combustion, heat transfer, and fluid calculations
  • Charts and data to simplify and speed these calculations
  • A discussion of combustion equipment, its application, selection and operation

Although the stated scope of the handbook is Industrial Heating with gaseous and liquid fuels, the reader will find that the book also contains considerable information applicable to commercial heating and to solid fuels.

Fives has endeavored to collect enough information under one cover to permit easy computation of typical combustion problems with a choice of several degrees of accuracy.  Frequent use has been made of analogies and examples in order to make this handbook as generally useful as possible.

Volume I includes principles, explanations, data, and sample problems on:

  • Combustion basics:  Flame temperatures, speeds, intensities.
  • Fuels:  Properties of solid, liquid, and gaseous fuels.
  • Combustion chemistry: Air required. Flue gas analysis. Efficiency. Heat recover. Oxygen enrichment.
  • Heat transfer:  Modes. Factors. Practical Problems.
  • Fluid flow:   Pressure and velocity. Losses. Blowers. Flues

Volume II includes the latest state-of-the-art information on combustion systems and their components.

  • Burners, pilots, mixers and atomizers
  • Fuel-burning equipment for gases and liquids
  • Air/fuel ratio controls
  • Furnace pressure controls
  • Flame monitoring and burner management
  • Process control optimization
  • Complete combustion systems, piping and wiring
  • Heat recovery
  • Pollution minimization as related to combustion applications
  • Noise minimization as related to combustion applications
  • Oxygen enrichment and oxy-fuel firing

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