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The Aluminium industry today continues to improved performance across a wide range of thermal systems. Fives is well positioned to adress these needs with an emphasis on improved fuel and melter efficiency.

The aluminum industry today is focused on  improving performance across a wide range of thermal  systems spanning melting furnaces, holding furnaces, homogenizing furnaces, sow dryers/preheaters, annealing furnaces, solution heat treat furnaces, aging furnaces, ingot reheat furnaces, tilting rotary furnaces, filter box heaters and refractory dry-out systems.

The drivers  for investment today include improving  fuel efficiency for  lower CO2 emissions, enhanced melting performance, lower  NOx and CO emissions, and In-furnace POC cleanup.

Fives designs tailor-made superior solutions to address today’s drivers.

Fives in the aluminum industry

Expertise and process services

Fives brings its expertise and services to supply tailor-made solutions and ensure an optimal performance across secondary melters within the plant.

Combustion systems

Fives offers a wide range of systems to match the specific needs of the customer incorporating technologies of regenerative and cold air systems. It includes also combustion systems dedicated to an independent power generation at site.

Control systems

To ensure performance and availability all along the process and life cycle , Fives offers advance  safety PLC based process systems.