Copper is widely used for its heat and electricity conduction capacity. To support copper producers, Fives develops a wide range of thermal systems with an emphasis on improved fuel and melter efficiency.

The copper industry provides conductors of heat, electricity and fluids to growing economies with expanding infrastructures. It uses a complex mix of primary and secondary commodity materials to manufacture its increasingly high quality metallurgical products.

Combustion equipment and furnaces for this industry need to help plants meet their targeted manufacturing goals in the most economical way considering all plant inputs and outputs. Opportunities exist in allowing the customer to achieve the right balance of new and recycled material in its input stream, while optimizing quality and reducing costly inventories. Process fuel efficiency and emissions management are also quite important to the industry.

Fives in the copper industry

Furnaces and burners

To meet to customer’s metallurgical manufacturing requirements and production standards, Fives offers furnaces and combustion systems using various high technologies to improve the performance of  copper shaft, holding and launder systems.

Control systems

To ensure performance and availability all along the process, Fives offers advanced controls allowing real-time control of copper metallurgy and energy consumption.

Expertise and process services

Fives brings its expertise and services to supply tailor-made solutions and ensure optimal performance of the installation.