Chemical plants

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The Industry today continues to look to improved performance across a wide range of thermal systems. Fives is well positioned to address the needs with an emphasis on improved heat distribution and efficiency.

The Chemical industry today is focused on  improving performance across a wide range of thermal systems spanning process heaters, thermal oxidizers, calcining furnaces (Flash, Direct and Indirect), Hot Gas Generators and Dryers.

The Industry is looking for solutions that provide more uniform heat distribution, Ultra Low NOx and CO emissions, multi-fuel capability (gas, oil, process and refinery gases), , and high system efficiencies. Fives offers a wide range of superior solutions to address today’s drivers

Fives in the chemical plants industry

Expertise and process services

Fives brings its expertise and services to supply tailor-made solutions and ensure an optimal performance of the plant.

Combustion systems

Fives offers combustion systems  of using various high technologies to ensure low NOx and CO emissions and low fuel consumption.

Drying / Air heating

Fives designs tailor-made solutions to dry raw materials and improve the thermal efficiency of the installation.

Hot Gas Generation and Combustion accessories

Fives packages Hot gas generation assemblies and fuel trains per AINSI specs.

Ancillary systems

Fives brings a full range of ancillaries systems such as blowers, atomizers, valves, and regulators.

Control systems

To ensure performance and high availability all along the process and life cycle, Fives develops hard wired logic and run-safe solutions Safety using certified PLC-based logic systems.

Fuel Management

Fives has a world renowned expertise in fuel management systems, providing adapted solutions for the handling of any type of fuel type up to the firing point.