Fives Pillard invests in heavy gases firing tests for petrochemical industries

photo article gaz lourds-FIVES

The Petrochemical industry uses high pressure water tubes boilers with a large capacity able to fire natural gas and heavy process gas compounds.

Overall, the demand in Petrochemical products follows the growth in GDP and the need for more advanced Petrochemical products is growing in China and India thanks to the rise in their middle class populations.

In addition, the global pressure to reduce atmospheric pollutants will encourage the Petrochemical industry to choose more advanced and environmentally friendly burner technologies.

In this context, Fives Pillard plans to further improve its best seller: PILLARD LONOxFLAM G2 burner, for the combustion of heavy gas in order to meet economical and technical requirements, such as flame dimension, Low NOx and soot control; with a general cost-effective solution.