ITAS demountable flares

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Demountable flares are used when locating several flares in a limited available plot plan is critical, while limiting plant shut-down costs for maintenance.

From design, engineering, fabrication, supervision and training, Fives offers up to 200 meters demountable flares systems. 

Optimized maintenance and operations

ITAS flare system is completely demountable from grade for inspection and maintenance of individual flare tips and pilots, even when the other flares are in operation. 

Each flare line can be demounted allowing the operator to shut-down only the plant units connected to that flare line. Demountable flares don’t require rental equipment such as costly and large cranes. Maintenance operations are optimized, loss of production and downtime due to shut-down are minimized or even avoided. 

Robust design, minimized footprint

Thanks to ITAS demountable flares, up to 6 and more flare lines can be installed onto the same common derrick, any combination being feasible -each single flare line may be a utility flare, a steam assisted or air assisted flare or high-pressure sonic flare. The rigging mechanism is composed of a minimum of one hoisting winch and one canting winch, plus a complete system of pulley blocks, ropes, accessories, vertical rails etc. 

Safe and optimized destruction of waste gases

If needed, a thermal radiation shield is provided above the working platform of the rigging mechanism to protect the team during demounting and mounting operations. Fives offer flares and complete turnkey systems including a full range of auxiliary equipment to maximize destruction, while optimizing safety, combustion efficiency, emission and consumptions. ITAS flares ensure safe plant operation, while design and engineering are compliant with customer specifications and local regulations.


Refinery, petrochemical, LNG

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