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ITAS Ductflame R fives energy combustion-FIVES

ITAS Ductflame R burners are used in hot gas generator applications where the recirculation flow composition needs to be controlled within strict limits. Reducing the air flow to the burner increases overall combustion- and system-efficiency. Modular design, offering endless combination possibilities to configure burners with capacities ranging from ~100 kW to 30 MW. Ductflame burners and ducts are designed to result in optimum temperature uniformity in the outgoing air flow. Due to the nozzle mix design emissions are low.


Typical industries and applications

  • Food & feed: Drying ingredients
  • Paper industry: Yankee hoods 
  • Cement & minerals: Drying input material 
  • Gypsum industry: Gypsum board drying, calcination 
  • General: high temperature air heating 


Technical specifications 

  • Capacity: from 125  to 30,000 kW (lhv) 
  • Turn down: up to 10:1 
  • Fuel: natural gas, LPG, others on request
  • Process air: upstream up to 750°C (O2 > 10%) / downstream up to 1,200°C
  • Control: on ratio, electronic linked valves
  • Combustion: up to 300°C


Key Features

  • Air- and gas- controlled
  • High turndown
  • Increased efficiency
  • All Stainless / Heat resistant steel construction
  • Controlled oven atmosphere

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