North American HiRam® and HiVAM™ High Velocity Burners

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North American HiVAM Burner  resize-FIVES

Market drivers

The North American Series 4575 HiRAM® burners are particularly applicable to aluminum melters, ladle heaters, soaking pits, rotary kilns, heat treat furnaces, and dryers:  any installation where high velocity entrainment, penetration, and recirculation of furnace gases can benefit temperature uniformity and thermal efficiency.

The North American Series 6570 HiVAMTM is a natural for installations requiring a portable burner to heat large volumes of air.  The high excess air ratio capabilities and lightweight all-metal construction make it the ideal burner for such  applications as drying refractory lined furnaces and vessels, for permanent or temporary mounting on rotary dryers and calciners, and for other jobs where a self-contained portable burner or air heater avoids need for expensive mounting, installation, sealing, etc.

North American Series 4575 HiRAM Gas Burner on Gypsum Kettle inrte-FIVES

System technologies

The HiRAM burners can be used with a variety of control systems including pressure-balanced or electronic fuel/air ratio systems.

The North American HiRAM® burners are suitable for furnace temperatures up to 2400°F.  They can be used with preheated air up to 600°F. The reduced tile discharge opening also protects burner internals from radiant heat and from melting furnace splash. Standard burners are supplied with 3000°F dense castable tiles.

Dual Fuel designs for both the HiRAM and HiVAM are available  utilizing low pressure atomizing air.

Markets Served

  • North American Series 4575 HiRAM Gas Burner on Aluminum Melting Furnace-FIVES
  • North American Series 4575 HiRAM Low NOx Gas Burner-FIVES

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