North American TwinBed® II

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North American TB II  Regenerative System on Aluminum Melter with Cassette Beds-FIVES

Market drivers

The North American TwinBed II® regenerative combustion system is a widely used solution for customers in the Aluminum and Steel Industries that want to reduce operating costs, fuel costs, or emissions while maintaining or increasing production.  The combustion process recovers waste heat from furnace exhaust gases to preheat the combustion air to significantly increase efficiency over conventional burners or burners with recuperators. NOx emissions are extremely low, even when compared with cold air burners. TwinBed II regenerators are heat and corrosion resistant and tolerate hostile environments that can destroy recuperators. 

System technologies

TwinBed II burners save significant amounts of fuel when applied to a variety of high temperature furnaces. The higher the process temperature, the higher the potential fuel savings when compared against conventional ambient air burners.

The North American TwinBed II® regenerative burner uses low NOx technology developed by Tokyo Gas Co. Ltd. of Japan.  Fives is the exclusive worldwide licensee for use of this technology with regenerative burners.  Low NOx Injection of fuel (LNI) into the furnace chamber allows inspiration of combustion products into the air and fuel streams reducing the rate and temperature of the combustion reaction, thus significantly suppressing the formation of NOx. This "in-furnace" direct NOx control method maintains the highest potential efficiency. There is no efficiency loss as with flue gas recirculation (FGR) or using high amounts of ambient air;  NOx reduction methods that are frequently used by others to reduce NOx emission from regenerative burners.

The North American TwinBed II has enhanced rugged construction; the same kind of rugged steel and refractory construction as the melting or heating furnace itself. Burner and regenerator are separate modules. Angled transitions are available to change burner firing angles relative to regenerator. Burner and regenerator can be rotated for ease of installation. Other improvements include the most reliable nozzle-mix pilot with flanged mounting and no tile baffles to plug up or maintain

The North American TwinBed II is insensitive to furnace operating environments that can quickly destroy recuperators. There are no boundaries between air and waste gas streams to be maintained against leakage. Materials of construction have been chosen to withstand the corrosive effects of exhaust gas borne volatiles.

Control system

The standard North American TwinBed II combustion system control panel is based around a Safety PLC for its BMS and CMS functions.  In the event a fault occurs, furnace operators and maintenance technicians will be able to look at the HMI and pinpoint the reason for failure as opposed to the “old” way of calling someone to check the logic circuits with a meter.  This means greater uptime and reliability of the furnace.

  • North American TB II 1-FIVES
  • North American TB II 2-FIVES


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