North American Ultra Low NOx Magna-Flame™ GLE

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North American Magna Flame GLE Burner-FIVES

Market drivers

The North American Ultra Low NOx Magna-Flame™ GLE burner was introduced in 1994 to address the need on the part of customers to meet their steam production needs while lowering their emissions.  Well over 400 separate applications of GLE burners are now operating worldwide with:

  • Sub-5 ppm NOx with 25% FGR and 15% excess combustion air
  • Sub-15 ppm NOx without FGR
  • CO emission levels generally undetectable
  • Repeatable emissions and steam production performance using proprietary CMS algorithms

System technologies

  • The GLE combustion system design: Utilizes advanced lean burn partial premix combustion technology
  • Accommodates a wide range of fuel gases and heating values
  • Produces the desired flame envelope to maximize radiant heat transfer
  • Incorporates and inline fan discharge / burner centerline for minimal footprint and ease of field installation
  • Is compatible with damper or VFD air flow control
  • Uses a nozzle mix pilot taking its combustion air directly from the fan discharge 
  • Has been widely deployed, proven its performance, and shown the reliability required of unmanned installations

  • North American Magna Flame GLE Burner with In Line Blower-FIVES
  • North American Magna Flame GLE System on Steam Generator-FIVES


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