Tempest® 4441 High Velocity Gas Burner

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The Tempest® High Velocity Burner is one of the world's most widely used in the thermal process industry. Contact Fives North American Combustion today to hear more about the burner that is replacing and outperforming the competition. 


Markets                                                                      Processes

  • Heat Treat
  • Forging 
  • Steel
  • Ceramics
  • Aluminum 
  • Chemical Plants
  • Heat Treat and Forge Furnaces
  • Thermal Oxidizers 
  • Periodic and Tunnel Kilns
  • Indirect Rotary Calciners
  • Ladle/Tundish Preheaters and Dryers
  • Aluminum Molten Furnaces

Superior Recirculation Capabilities

High velocity jet supplies superior re-circulation allowing for tight temperature uniformity over a wide variety of applications up to 3000°F (1650°C). Integral air and gas orifice plates and measuring taps simplify installation.


Tightest Uniformity

Tempest® burners properly located on the furnace can achieve the tightest uniformity by industry standards such as AMS 2750E.


Widest Operating Capabilities 

  • Slotted tile available for superior narrow lane firing and tightest temperature uniformity
  • Industry leading operating range from 30% excess fuel, up to 6000% excess air
  • Preheated combustion air versions available for up to 800°F (425°C)
  • StepFireTM (pulse firing) control or pressure balanced ratio control
  • Direct spark ignition 
  • BSP or NPT threaded gas/air connections
  • Sturdy cast construction
  • All sizes suitable for use with ionization/flame rod (standard) or UV detector (optional)

Low NOx Emissions

Emissions are typically less than 60 ppm (123mg/Nm3) in a 2000°F (1093°C) applications.

Do you need lower emissions? View the Tempest®4441DMC.

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