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North American Series 4988 Zephyr Packaged Burner-FIVES

Fives offers a wide range of packaged burners used on applications such as ovens, air heaters, process heaters, steam generators, emulsion treaters, water heaters, asphalt heaters, boilers, vaporizers, incinerators and rotary aggregate dryers.  The built in fan delivers 100% of the combustion air required for burner operation eliminating the need to install an expensive and sometimes bulky air delivery system.

Several ratio control systems are available along with many pre-packaged gas and oil trains, motorized or pneumatic controls, flame safeguards accessories and programming systems.

The ultra-stable nozzle mix burners of the Integral Fan Burner line are designed to operate at 20% excess air in chambers at temperatures up to 2000°F and under negative or slightly positive pressure.  Cold tight chambers present no problem for this rugged, cast iron body, low maintenance workhorse with proven reliability while operating with natural gas, any grade of commercial fuel, crude oil, pitch or refinery bottoms.

The North American Zephyr Integral Blower burner line is ideal for lower temperature applications up to 1,200°F.  These burners have unmatched flexibility and adaptability to a wide variety of combustion chamber conditions.

A complete line of new, replacement and aftermarket air and fuel accessories such as blowers, valves, regulators and controls can be provided in support of the packaged burners.

Markets Served

  • North American Series 6131 Oil Field Packaged Burner-FIVES
  • North American Series 6131 Packaged Burner on Oil Field Application-FIVES

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