Premix burners

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North American Copper Shaft Furnace with Premix Burners-FIVES

Fives offers a wide range of robust cast iron and stainless steel premix combustion products for use on many high temperature industrial heating applications such as ceramic kilns, refractory lined metal ladles, copper launders, glass forehearths, crucible melting furnaces, impingement heating and as pilots for larger burners.     

In a premix combustion system, the air and gas are mixed at some point upstream from the burner ports by an inspirator mixer, aspirator mixer or mechanical mixer.  The burner nozzle serves only as a flame holder, maintaining the flame in the desired location.

Smaller premix nozzles are used in many cases as gas pilots, designed to offer an efficient and reliable means of igniting a wide range of industrial gas, oil or dual fuel burners. 

A complete line of new, replacement and aftermarket air and fuel accessories such as blowers, valves, regulators and controls can be provided in support of the premix burners.

  • North American Premix  Combustion System Copper-FIVES
  • North American Premix Tunnel Burner-FIVES

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