North American Series 4723 Evenglow™ Radiant Tube Gas Burner

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North American Series 4723 Radiant Tube Gas Burner-FIVES

System technology

The North American series 4723 Evenglow™ radiant tube gas burner is designed to adapt to most radiant tube applications. Fuel is burned by a combination of diffusion flame and adjustable partial premix combustion. A simple, easy-to-access adjustment screw located on the backplate changes the amount of primary air premixed with the fuel, which lengthens or shortens the flame. This adjustment can be made while the burner is firing, without having to disassemble and adjust any of the burner internal parts.

Evenglow burners include a built-in V-port fuel adjustment plug, multiple observation ports, a flanged air connection, and a gas connection that can be rotated in 90° increments.  Ignition is provided by a direct spark igniter or a spark-ignited premix pilot. The ignition device is held in place with a rugged yoke that allows easy switching from one lighting method to the other.

The burner body and backplate are constructed of sturdy cast iron. The flame retainer is a single piece investment casting made from high temperature alloy for longer life.  The rugged cast alloy flame retainer stages combustion, avoiding hot spots and burnouts in the radiant tube.

A unique lighting arrangement provides easy lighting without high maintenance bayonet-style pilots or long fragile and expensive electrodes.

North American Recuperator 200-FIVES

System applications

The North American Evenglow™ 4723LNX radiant tube burner is well suited for new and retrofit applications where low NOx radiant tube burner performance is desired. The patent-pending NOx reduction technique uses a simple recirculation tube to connect the burner to the exhausting leg of the radiant tube. Combustion air induces flue gases through the recirculation tube where it is progressively mixed in staged combustion zones providing simple, stable low NOx performance. No additional hardware is required.

Both an external and plug-in design of recuperator are offered to improve the efficiency of the radiant tube combustion system.  The North American series 8480 Plug-In Recuperator's highly efficient design offers the potential for significant fuel savings with conventional radiant tubes. The plug-in design enables easy retrofitting of existing installations as well as convenient integration into new systems.

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