North American Series 4748 RASERT™ Radiant Tube Gas Burner

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North American Series 4748 RASERT self recuperated radiant tube gas burner-FIVES

System technology

The North American Series 4748 RASERT™ radiant tube gas burner is a unique low NOx, high efficiency single ended radiant tube burner. Unlike conventional SERT burners, combustion occurs in the annulus formed between the outer radiant tube and the inner flue tube. Combustion gases then turn 180° to reverse through the inner flue tube to the integral high efficiency heat exchanger having a return gas flow path contrary to conventional SERT burners: hence the name Reverse Annulus Single Ended Radiant Tube burner, or "RASERT."

System advantages

The North American Series 4748 RASERT™ gas burner has a number of advantages over conventional SERT's. Since the flame is in direct contact with the inside surface of the radiant tube, heat is transferred to the furnace more uniformly and efficiently.  The flame propagates outside the combustion tube rather than inside, resulting in less thermal stress on the combustion tube.   RASERT is a patented design (#6,321,743) of the Gas Technology Institute (GTI) developed in collaboration with North American.

The level of preheated combustion air is a major determining factor in the overall efficiency of a radiant tube combustion process. The higher the combustion air preheat the higher the efficiency and the greater the fuel savings. For a typical 1600°F furnace temperature you can achieve preheated air levels of 1100°F resulting in increased efficiency and fuel savings of up to 50% compared to conventionally fired ambient air burners.

The burner body is constructed of sturdy ductile iron, and includes a built-in V-port fuel adjustment plug, observation ports, a flanged air connection, and built-in air and gas meters. The recuperator is made from a series of high temperature alloy investment castings, as is the stabilizer.

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