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North American Adjustable Port Gas Valve with Series 1615 Actuator-FIVES

Proper control of combustion system’s fuel and air supply is extremely important to get the most production and the best efficiency out of the equipment.  A combustion system will require shutoff and control valves for both the air and the fuel supplies for proper operation. Fives offers a wide range of those key ombustion accessory devices and can help select the correct sizes based on their incoming pressures.


Fives supplies a wide range of North American manual shutoff valves for all combustion applications:  equipment isolation valve, manual shutoff valve, leak test valve, gauge isolation valve, burner firing valve, or safety shutoff valves. 

Fives also supplies limiting orifice valves for both gas and liquid fuels if your system’s ratio control is pressure balanced.

Fives manufactures and supplies a wide range of North American fuel, oxygen and air process control valves.


Adjustable Port Valve flow characteristics can be set in the field after the valve has been installed in the pipe. The valve’s linear area characteristics permits proper "sizing" of the valve after installation without involved Cv calculations.

A version of the adjustable port valve is made exclusively for Oxygen service up to a maximum pressure of 125 psi.  These control valves are for throttling control only and not for tight shutoff.   The oxygen valves are cleaned for oxygen service, lubricated with Molylube PFET-2 and shipped in a sealed plastic bag to keep clean.

The North American wafer and reduced port wafer butterfly valves are rugged, lightweight, and used for controlling low pressure air flow.  They sandwich between companion flanges with two locating holes on the valve body. All wafer valves have stainless steel shafts; bodies and discs are heat-resistant cast iron.

Fives supplies a wide range of North American control valve actuators:  the major ones being Honeywell, Beck, Siemens and Fisher. The actuators are used for the positioning of adjustable port control valves, butterfly valves, dampers, or any application requiring rotary motion.  Mounting and linkage components are available if you already have the actuator for the process.


Fives manufactures a wide range of North American direct coupled control valve / actuator assemblies resulting in no more linkages to adjust!

The motorized direct acting assemblies consist of a high resolution, precision actuator direct-coupled to an adjustable port or butterfly valve. The direct-coupled feature eliminates the use of valve to actuator linkage, allowing short setup time and eliminating flow changes due to mechanical variations associated with valve linkage. This direct-acting feature also helps improve performance by consistently positioning valves relative to the control signal. The compact, easy to install assembly reduces setup time and greatly simplifies replacement of existing control valves.

  • North American Series 1123 Butterfly Valves in Assembly-FIVES
  • North American Series 1126 Butterfly Valves in Assembly-FIVES
  • North American Series 1156 Wafer Butterfly Valve with Beck Actuator-FIVES
  • North American Series 1156 Wafer Butterfly Valve with Series 1615 Actuator-FIVES

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