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Pillard SULFLAM® is a leading technology of acid gas burners for Claus thermal reactor of Sulphur Recovery Units (SRU). It features a double stream acid gas tip allowing a two stage mix, matching the different phases of the kinetic reaction in the Claus furnace. Each Pillard SULFLAM® burner is tailor engineered, with the help of in-house CFD modeling to fit each unique SRU process characteristics so as to deliver optimal performance.


Thermal reactor furnace of Sulfur Recovery Units (Claus units)

Double stream acid gas tip

The patented double stream acid gas tip of Pillard SULFLAM® achieves a highly turbulent two stage mix of the acid gas, which improves the recovery efficiency of the Claus furnace.

High turndown ratio 

Natural gas is available, while ensuring excellent flame stability during the cold start-up and refractory dry-out phases, under high excess air conditions.

Proprietary staged co-firing technology

Pillard SULFLAM® its proprietary technology of staged co-firing natural gas, allows to increase flame temperature under lean acid gas firing condition without soot formation.

Key features

Pillard SULFLAM® burner is available in axial and tangential firing configurations and can easily retrofit existing SRU, allowing improvement of S2 conversion efficiency, sulfur quality and refractory lifetime of the Claus unit.

Available for 5TPD up to 1 000 TPD Claus units 


  • Axial and tangential firing configurations
  • Refineries and gas plants applications
  • Firing from very lean up to rich acid gas and SWS gas


  • experience in SRU process since 1961
  • over 110 references worldwide

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