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Pillard INDUCTFLAM® Ci is the most reliable dual fuel induct burner for HRSG, and ensures ultimate performances when firing gaseous and liquid fuel oil, in both Fresh Air or Turbine Exhaust Gas Mode. Thanks to the combination of the best vailable burner technologyand in-house CFD expertise, Fives offers a tailor-made solution for each client's specific needs.

Pillard INDUCTFLAM® Ci's main benefits are:

  • Avoids flame impingement and hot points inside the boiler/duct
  • Reduces pressure drop thanks to low TEG velocity across burner
  • High operation range suitable for the latest generation of gas turbines with low O₂ content in TEG
  • Easy switch-over from gaseous to liquid fuel and vice-versa, high turndown ratio
  • Long lifetime with sturdy equipment construction: burner/valves skids/BMS/air fans, compliant with NFPA requirements

Key features

  • 2 to 85MW per burner head, fresh air mode
  • Flue Gases or Fresh Air mode
  • Low pressure drop
  • Unconditionally stable flame
  • Diesel, light or heavy oil, tars, high viscosity oils, waste oils, natural gas, LPG, refinery gas, process gas, syngas


  • Cogeneration and  Combined Cycle Power Plants
  • Dessalination Plants


  • PETROBRAZI Cogeneration Plant (Romania)

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