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Product Burners LoNOxFlam AS -FIVES

LowNOx Burners dedicated to burn fuel oil (HFO, DO, acrylics) but with Low NOx performances to gaseous fuel too.
Pillard LoNOxFlam AS uses the air-staging technology. 


Thermal power station, water tubes utility boilers

Up to 400°C combustion air

The design of Pillard LoNOxFlam AS based on the air-staging principle allows operating with very high combustion air, which is particularly adapted to power stations.

Recognized as Best Available Technique 

Pillard LoNOxFlam AS has been recognized as Best Available Technique by the European 

Up to 50MW per burner with LowNOx performances

Pillard LoNOxFlam AS technology permits ultra LowNOx performances even with very high power unit per burner.

Key features

  • 8 to 50 MW per burner


  • Air staging principle recognized as BAT in fuel oil firing 
  • Cerrey (Ras TANURA/ KSA) 
  • Bucharest South power station (Romania)
  • Braila power station (Romania)
  • Saint Louis sucre (France)
  • CPCU Vaugirard heating plant (France)
  • CPCU Grenelle heating plant (France)
  • NIS oil refinery (Serbia)
  • Dunaujvaros power station (Hungary) 

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