Pillard Lonoxflam LNO

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Product Burners LoNOxFlam LNO -FIVES

Pillard LoNOxFlam LNO is an industrial fuel oil burner designed to fit with existing boilers without need to change the boiler tubes for larger burner opening.

Retrofits markets with need to reduce the fuel oil emissions even if the liquid fuel is not the main fuel (back-up fuel)

Optimal fuel atomization patented

Fives offers a unique solution based on both CFD simulations and tests in their R&D center leading to new oil atomizers using sintered metal to reduce emissions of carbon cenospheres.

Retrofit costs optimization

With Pillard LoNOxFlam LNO, LowNOx performances in fuel oil firing are reached, without need to enlarge the burner(s) opening thus avoiding modifications of the boiler part and optimizing costs.

Ultimate technology for a limited investment

For a limited retrofit investment, reduction of the NOx when fuel oil back-up.

Key features

  • Allows a 25 % reduction NOx in HFO firing and NOx < 150 mg/(n)m3 @ 3% 02 dry basis in dual oil firing.
  • NOx reduction principle: fuel staging (split up flame)


  • ENDESA power station (Spain)
  • SOCOS Orleans (France)

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