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Pillard DNOxFLAM™ kiln burner is Fives’ low-NOx solution for rotary kilns using direct firing systems. Thanks to a patented system located inside the burner, and no moving parts, the Pillard DNOxFLAM™ uses a fuel and air combustion staging principle, leading to an average of 20% NOx reduction compared to conventional direct firing monotube burners, while ensuring low operational costs and high combustion efficiency. 


Pillard DNOxFLAM™ new concept

 Pillard DNOxFLAM™‘s unique technology allows:

  • Lower NOgeneration
  • Quicker ignition of the pulverized coal particles
  • Reduced black plume length
  • Higher flame stability
  • Improved thermal profile
  • Simple and reliable burner control
  • Low burner  pressure drop makes the re-use of existing primary air fan possible
  • Integral burner light-up and flame detection system for increased safety

A design based on easy mainteance

Pillard DNOxFLAM™ has no moving parts and allows easy access to burner internals.

A versatile burner

Pillard DNOxFLAM™ kiln burner allows co-firing of pulverized fuel (coal/pet-coke) with:

  • Liquid and gaseous fuels: natural gas, DO, HFO
  • Alternative solid for liquid fuel

And allows:

  • Flame shape and thermal profile adjustment
  • Momentum adjustment 

Pillard DNOxFLAM™ can be installed in any existing direct firing system without the need to modify existing equipment



  • Cement rotary kilns
  •  Lime rotary kilns
  • All other mineral process using rotary kilns (Al, Li, Ni)

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