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Pillard STARTFLAM™ is a burner dedicated for warming up boilers (front boilers, CFB boilers) in coal fired power plants. It is equipped with its own air windbox and operates even under sub-stochiometric conditions, with flames developing over the bed. The burner has retractable parts and can be equipped with a guillotine slide on demand.

Pillard STARTFLAM™ is also available in a simpler warm-up gun version. The warm-up gun version can be implemented either in the bed or into a coal burner and is equipped with its own retraction device.
Warn-up gun capacity can go over 30% of main coal burner capacity.  


  • Oil start-up before coal injection
  • As a main flame stabilising device for low grade coal 
  • Partial back-up in case of a coal handling system issue
  • Coal support (low grade coal firing)



Key features

  • Range of heat release: 8 to 50 MW per unit
  • Turn down ratio: 1 to 5 or more according to conditions
  • Flame dimensions: Similar to standard (non-low-Nox type) GRFLAM™ burners
  • Combustion air temperature: Up to 400°C
  • Combustion air pressure drop: 200 to 250 daPa
  • Fuels: HFO, DO, Liquids, Natural Gas, Gaseous Fuels,...


Over 100 references of Pillard STARTFLAM™ burners worldwide. List available on demand.

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