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Pillard STAPILDOS™ dosing system ensures pulverized fuel flow stability and accuracy. This maximizes burner efficiency and performance, and lowers emissions.

Simple and reliable design

Pillard STAPILDOS™ has a simple mechanical design, using easy to maintain equipment. Dosing happens by means of a high reliability rotating screw system, and the weighing bin has been designed to avoid arching and to ensure mass flow. Furthermore, the design gives the possibility of installing several dosing systems under the same silo.

Improved efficiency

  • Reduction of conveying air flow, concentration between 4 to 6 kg/nm³ whatever the line length, allowing to increase efficiency of the combustion systems
  • Low air-to-fuel ratio in the pulverized fuel conveying line, allowing reduction of NOx
  • Reduction of CO peaks at kiln /furnace outlet thanks to pulverized fuel flow stability
  • Optimization of the electrical consumption of conveying blower

Stable and long-term accuracy

Pillard STAPILDOS™ is a mass measurement system, with a constant high accuracy thanks to an automatic "online" calibration system. It offers the possibility to use conveying air lines bigger than 150m. There is no drift of pulverized fuel flow rate, and no flow pulsation even with high pulverized fuel load into the conveying line.

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