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Pillard NeutriNOx® is the logical complement to a modern Pillard NovaFlam® or Pillard RotaFlam® kiln burner with a view to reducing further the NOx emissions generated in rotary kilns during the combustion process.


Cement kilns with preheaters/precalciners

Lime kilns with preheaters

Using "Low NOx" burners in rotary kilns is in most cases not sufficient to reach the ever stringent NOx emission limits imposed to the cement and minerals processing industries.

The system works by injecting trough patented atomizers of Pillard trademark a urea or ammonia based solution into a very specific temperature zone (between 850°C to 1,100°C) to reduce NO and NO2 (referred to as NOx).

The Pillard NeutriNOx system is tailor engineered to each specific kiln type thanks to the use of in-house CFD modeling in order to locate the right injection "spot" with excellent accuracy. The Pillard NeutriNOx system has been applied with success in cement and lime industries.

Patented atomizing guns 

Pillard NeutriNOx’ atomizing guns provide optimum reagent dispersion in order to efficiently mix and disperse within the kiln gas stream.

Unique know-how 

Based on nearly a century of expertise of combustion and process experts, with the help of CFD modeling, Pillard NeutriNOx helps end users tackle their NOx emissions while maintaining high kiln availability.

High efficiency of NOx reduction 

Using lowest reagent consumption, Pillard NeutriNOx permits to minimize the operational cost associated with the use of SNCR system. 

Key references

  • 5,000 tpd cement plant in Vietnam > 60% NOx reduction
  • 2,500 tpd cement plant in Italy > 60% NOx reduction
  • 400 tpd lime plant in Chile > 60% NOx reduction

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