Pillard Opastop® GP3050ST

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Pillard Opastop® GP3050ST monitors dust levels in tunnels and underground constructions, providing continuous and accurate measures.

An ultimate solution

Pillard Opastop® GP3050ST is the ultimate solution to measure pollution level in traffic areas (road and train tunnels, underground car parks), ensuring air quality and visibility. The air sample drawn through an integrated fan crosses a measuring vessel fitted with a high power light emitting diode and a measuring cell. This cell positioned at 90 degrees to the emitting diode estimates opacity by the reflection of light on the particles in suspension. A second cell located opposite the emitting diode is used to monitor and quantify the optics fouling to automatically correct any drift.

Accurate and real-time measures

Pillard Opastop® GP3050ST provides accurate results eliminating distorted measures due to monitor fouling. The optical backscatter on 2 sample points allows continuous dust level readings.

Quick and easy maintenance

The full dismountable design of Pillard Opastop® GP3050ST allows to unscrew and unclip each piece for a faster and easier maintenance. The sealing of the turbine ensures a longer life cycle and an optimized use of the opacimeter.

Key features

  • IP54 protection
  • < 10s response time
  •  0 to 100% measuring scale
  •  Analog output signal of 4 – 20mA

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