Operations service pack

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Operators major goals

  • to keep performance of their equipment at their best level
  • maximize time between failures
  • minimize downtime

Fives offers an Operations service pack which consists in :

  • Trouble shooting root cause analysis to avoid recurring issues, equipment repair, possible equipment modification or replacement if necessary
  • Spare parts to provide high quality products identical to the original for optimal performances.
  • Equipment reconditioning reduced maintenance time, equipment erected as per Fives recommendations and advice for an optimized life duration. Insurance to recover previous adjustment and performances, only necessary parts being replaced with spares.
  • Training for operators, technicians and engineers on safety, operations and maintenance procedures.
  • Inspection of equipment during a stop, assessment of equipment conditions, safety checks, check operating conditions and recommended spare parts list tailored to customers' needs.
  • Yearly maintenance package is the best way to keep the equipment at their highest level of performance and safety
  • Qualified supervision during erection, commissioning and start-up


  • Cemex
  • Holcim
  • Sinoma
  • CNBM
  • SLN
  • EDF
  • Baosteel
  • Dalkia
  • Cofely
  • Cerrey