A full range of services, thought to maximize clients' performance


As a designer and supplier of machines, process equipment and production lines, Fives delivers complex machines and installations with significantly long lifecycles.

In term of Service, the commitment and the strength of Fives is to fully assist and proactively help its clients to maximize the performance of their industrial installation during operation.

In that way, Fives offers pioneering, valuable and high quality service solutions in order to help its client operate, optimize and evolve their production processes.



More about Fives Services

Fives' Service offers:


  • Start-up
  • Operations support
  • Spare parts
  • Maintenance
    - 24/7 global coverage
    - Local support
    - Inspection
    - Preventive maintenance
  • Repair
    - On-site repair 
    - Repair workshops


  • Technical consulting
    - Feasibility studies
    - Process studies
    - Performance studies
  • E-services
    - Remote monitoring
    - Efficiency tools
  • Perfomance contracts
  • Education
    - Competence audit
    - Training
    - Seminars



  • Revamping projects
    - Refurbishment
    - Upgrade
    - Extension
  • End of life
    - Obsolescence management