Precisely controlling the heat flux in the kiln and lowering the energy cost of the calcining plant are important drivers in the ferronickel Industry. Fives, a recognized performer in the minerals industry, offers adapted and energy efficient combustion solutions.

Driven by stainless steel production, ferronickel is present in numerous applications thanks to its specific properties. It is also present in the composition of high performance alloys, in electronic components and cutting tools as well as in electroplating and catalysis.

To increase their efficiency and reduce operating costs, metal manufacturers are looking for new solutions which are also environmentally friendly. For RKEF process applications, Fives designs tailor-made combustion solutions to dry and calcine the ore before it enters into the electrical furnace. The Pillard product range offers solutions allowing the use of lower cost fuels whilst optimizing kiln availability and production quality.

Fives ultimate expertise in the ferronickel industry

Expertise and process services

Fives supplies tailor-made solutions that ensure an optimal performance and improved availability of the calcining plant.

Drying / air heating

Fives offers tailor-made solutions to dry raw materials and optimize the thermal efficiency of the installation.

Kiln burning

Fives develops tailor-made kiln burners ensuring flame stability and superior flame shaping ability, even using lower cost fuels such as pulverized coal.

Fuels management

Fives has a worldwide known expertise in fuel management systems, providing adapted solutions for the handling of any type of fuel type up to the firing point.