Power generation


The conventional front firing generator market in Europe involves refurbishing units that are usually kept as a backup or used in peak demand situation. There is a market of new units in the Middle East with stringent emissions performance requirements for single or mixed dual fuel combustion.

With its unique experience in heavy fuel combustion for the largest thermal sections like the 600 and 700 MWe EDF units in France, Fives is the standard in high-power combustion equipment.

The Fives offer in high-power boilers:

Expertise and service

Fives works with its boilermaker partners to offer solutions that offer total emission optimization by assessing the generator-burner set and combining high-performance burners with techniques like OFA (Over Firing Air) and BOOS (Burner Out of Service).

Burners for combined cycle boiler

Fives has applied its expertise in mixed combustion to duct burners that need to burn gas fuel and liquid fuel (including heavy fuel), which means it can offer a solution that is perfectly suited for the operating constraints of the largest desalination units in the world located in the United Arab Emirates.