Iron Ore Pelletizing

The Industry today continues to add new lines globally that require unique environmentally sound combustion solutions   to keep up with the developing world’s expanding need for infrastructure. Fives is well positioned to address this growth with state of the art low emission systems and proven technology for optimum production.

Worldwide, the iron ore pelletizing industry has experienced major growth over the past five years for several reasons.  They include continued demand for iron pellets in China and India to satisfy ongoing growth of their steel industries.   This significant demand combined with all major steel companies contracting long term to lock in necessary iron pellet supplies, have created numerous new pelletizing facilities well beyond any previous recorded growth period in recent years.  The long-term outlook remains solid.

Besides a renewed era of growth, the iron ore pelletizing industry has finally reached a point where advanced technologies in tighter, more flexible control systems, lower emissions, and exotic byproduct fuels have arrived.  In addition, the major pellet producers have demanded larger capacity furnaces over 7 MTPY, while many integrated mills in India have chosen the opposite route with small 1.2 MTPY furnaces.  This creates additional concept design requirements and equipment selection for the furnace OEMs and combustion system suppliers.

In order to meet current environmental demands of this worldwide industry, Fives has taken a proactive approach, investing in a ‘state of the art’ laboratory test facility capable of testing and demonstrating new and special burner and control designs. 

Fives in the iron ore pelletizing industry

Expertise and process services

Fives brings over 50 years of process experience combined with our industry specific test facility to supply tailor-made solutions that meet the world strictest environmental requirements while improving the availability of the Iron ore pelletizing production lines.

Combustion systems

Fives offers systems for new and existing pelletizing plants, that provide Ultra Low NOx emission and can include the firing or co-firing of residual oils and low Cv gasses to provide the optimum flexibility of fuel costs. 

Control systems

To ensure performance and availability of the process, Fives offers a safety PLC-based process control systems, the complete prepackaged fuel handling systems, as well as process optimization support and engineering studies.