2016 Fives’ “Combustion and Control” Seminar

FNAC Combustion Seminar 05102016 WEB-FIVES

On Sept. 20 to 22nd, Fives North American Combustion hosted the 2016 edition of its “Combustion and Control seminar in Cleveland, OH.

This semi-annual informational seminar is designed to help combustion equipment users find ways to save energy, improve product quality, enhance safety, increase productivity, and reduce pollution.  The seminar aims to provide attendees with solutions for these common questions thru a better understanding of combustion.

Over the course of the three-day seminar various employees of Fives North American presented information on topics focusing on combustion and its control, sharing their vast knowledge of combustion as it relates to their experiences in field service, research and development, and product management.

The conference was attended by employees of companies in thirteen different industries and twenty-nine different organizations.  The employees came from both Canada and United States locations of their respective organizations.

In addition to the informational seminars, attendees were also invited on a supervised tour of Fives North American Combustion facilities through a guided tour of the manufacturing and R&D facilities located adjacent to the Fives North American Cleveland, OH headquarters.