A new way of staying in touch and preserving relationships with customers and partners

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All of Fives Pillard's sales teams have produced more than twenty webinars in France and abroad during the Covid-19 period.

These meetings on video support allowed the teams to keep close relations with their partners and customers in this very particular context.

These webinars are an opportunity to carry out high level technical trainings and commercial presentation with customers and partners all over the world. For now, sessions have been organized by theme, by application, by product and, as often as possible, by geographical area. This initiative has been very appreciated by the attendees so far.

For example, it enables customers to visualize first emergency maintenance operations carried out by Fives technicians in the workshop and to demonstrate the ease of use and maintenance of the products.

Here are some examples of webinars:

  •  June 9th with the agents in South East Asia
  • September 22nd on combustion with a partner from Eastern Europe
  • September 24th on the Pillard NANOxFLAM® Compact for a major player in the French energy sector

Continuing to develop and broaden the use of these digital solutions is key to maintain a strong link with, customers and partners as well as to share knowledge with all and keep improving equipment maintenance and efficiency.