Excellent results for Pillard NANOxFlam® burner in South Korea

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Following many years of successful operations with Pillard LONOxFlam® G2, Fives recently installed in Samsung Korean plants a Pillard NANOxFlam® burner, Fives' ultra-low NOx solution.

Results recorded in Samsung industrial boilers are very satisfactory- NOx emissions are less than 50mg / Nm3 @ 3% O2 (<25ppm) and those of CO is less than 15mg / Nm3 @ 3% O2.

These NOx results are lower by 25% compared with those registered with the Pillard LoNOxFlam® G2 burner which is recognized as BAT (Best Available Technique) in European reference documents (Best Available Techniques Reference documents).

Pillard NANOxFlam® is already listed as the Best Emerging Technique in European reference documents.

For more information on this burner, please contact pillard-sales(at)fivesgroup.com