Expertise in hydrogen combustion

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As an expert in the field of combustion technology, Fives has a long history of experience in hydrogen combustion. Since 1971, many plants have been fitted with Pillard burners firing either pure hydrogen or hydrogen mixed with other gaseous fuels.

For example, since 2015 a boiler in a chemical plant in China has been fitted with two Pillard LONOxFLAM® G2 burners (25 MW each), firing either 100% hydrogen or 100% natural gas or with a mixture both, in any proportion. NOx emissions during 100% H2 firing are below 100 mg/Nm3 @3% O2.

Hydrogen is currently seen as the way forward for renewable energies. Indeed, this gas, (which only releases water when burnt), makes it possible to reduce CO2 emissions (a non-condensable greenhouse gas) when used as a substitute for traditional fossil fuels (natural gas, fuel oil, etc.).

Fives is therefore ready to handle all future projects involving hydrogen combustion, particularly for industrial boilers. Furthermore, as a world leader for the manufacturing and design of cement plant burners, Fives already is in a position to transfer its experience in this field of activity.