Fives at the 2016 Forging Industry Association Technical Conference

FIA Tech Conf Sept 2016 WEB-FIVES

The 31st Forging Industry Association (FIA) Technical Conference was held in mid-September in Columbus, OH.
The event is designed to provide a forum for individuals in the forging industry to come together to discuss the current state, challenges, and the future of the forging industry over two days. Key subject matter includes reports on Forging Foundation (FIERF) Education, Technical Development, and Research funded research and industry collaborative group results, showcases of the best in forging technology, and educational trends focusing on the development of the forging workforce.

Justin Dzik, from Fives North American Combustion, presented a case study titled “Achieving Optimal Temperature Uniformity in a Slot Forge Gas Fired Furnace”. This case was prepared in response to the temperature uniformity requirements and air quality regulations for steel re-heat furnaces tightening in recent years. The presentation focused on the furnace and burner layout as well as other methods used to achieve a furnace which met AMS2750E Class IV as well as GE291S uniformity specifications while achieving a 40ppm NOx.

The attendees were open with their interest in the subject matter as well their praise for how the topic was presented. This conference was attended by 175 individuals from the forging industry.