Fives ITAS uses a drone for an aerial inspection in Surinam


In April 2018 Fives ITAS and its partner CyberHawk have carried out an Aerial Inspection by drone of Staatsolie Refinery flares stack, in Surinam.

The partnership between Fives ITAS and Cyberhawk gives birth to the most effective solution in the market allowing a full Flare diagnostic by the best experts using the most accurate illustrated support.

The major benefit of this service is preventing end user from Flare major damages that would require an unexpected production unit shutdown and also to optimize its strategic spares and highly qualified service management on critical items.

Staatsolie Refinery inspection case study

The inspection of Staatsolie Refinery flares stack permitted to verify that the flare tips and stacks are in good condition with no major signs of damage. A thermography has also been achieved to verify that there was no burn back in the flare tip.

Fives ITAS has recommended the replacement of some of the parts and has offered a process study in order to optimize actual flare tips design with actual process data.

Fives ITAS has also recommended an additional aerial inspection consecutively to the maintenance operations in order to monitor the proper operation.