Fives Pillard confirms a digital shift in its combustion activities


Industry 4.0 opens to a new world at the onset of the 4th industrial revolution. It is about integration of digital technologies inside R&D activities and manufacturing processes.

Following this pattern, Fives Pillard has developed its « Smart Burner Technology » service in order to support its customers in this digital transition, serving energy and environmental management requirements and reinforcing its knowledge and know-how.

Augmented reality and 'smart glasses' are one of the main techno-foundations of the Industry 4.0 concept. It will transform how we learn, make decisions and interact with the physical world. It will also change how companies serve customers, train employees, design and create products.

In this light, through its annual internal "Pillard Innovation Awards 2018" contest, the Pillard Burner Eye™ was rewarded as the winning innovative idea.

Being in the field whenever you want…

The Pillard Burner Eye™ solution enables each member of the organization (product development team, commissioning team, burner manufacturing supervisors…) to follow-up in real-time its dedicated process. It becomes easy to project oneself in the field as if you were in front of the installation.

Thanks to a very light and ergonomic design of smart glasses connected to a smartphone together with a very operator friendly software solution, the employee communicates with the back-office operator and exchanges all the process data needed for a deeper technical expertise (drawings, photos, calculation, instructions…).

Application in Burner manufacturing and inspection process

An industrial test phase with one of our suppliers has been launched, transferring him the inspection process of the PILLARD NANOxFLAM burner.

Pillard Burner Eye™ device will be used by inspectors located in the Fives Pillard's back-office to carry out manufacturing supervision.

This will bring a reduction in inspection costs during burner manufacturing and avoid inefficient, unproductive travel time for the inspectors

Application in R&D test campaigns in Fives European Combustion Centre

An industrial test phase has also been launched at the Fives European Combustion Centre (FECC) in Piacenza (Italy) for the development of the new PILLARD MONOxFLAM™ Multijet burner.

Pillard Burner Eye™ will be used to share expertise between FECC's local team and Fives Pillard's Marseille R&D team, which will help us to improve efficiency of all the development steps.

Pillard Burner Eye™ shortly available to serve our clients

After the completion of two test programs for internal validation, this innovative service will be available to all our clients, bringing them a very reactive answer to any on-site problems by remote expertise.