Fives successfully completes Pillard LoNOxFlam G2 commissioning at Thail Oil Siracha refinery (Thailand)

Thail Oil-LoNoxFlam-G2-FIVES

In 2013, Thail Oil awarded Fives with a contract to supply Pillard LoNOxFlam G2 burners within the retrofit of 4 utility boilers.

The burners were designed for ultimate NOx performances in refinery gas firing while being able to burn also liquid fuel (fatal internal fuel) as backup fuel in case of lack of gas. 

End of 2014, the last boiler fitted with 4 burners with hot combustion air and wherein Fives increased the burner opening to achieve NOx emission started successfully and is now complete. 

With this new contract in refinery, the Pillard LoNOxFlam G2® burner is becoming more and more like a reference burner for utilities boilers burning refinery gas. Recognized as the Best Available Technique, this contract participates in the growing presence of Fives in the refining sector.