Fives to provide Pillard LoNOxFlam G2 burners to Paris Urban Heating Plant

News LoNoxFlam G2-FIVES

In 2013, the Belgian boiler-maker CMI awarded Fives with a new contract to supply 62 Pillard LoNOxFlam G2 burners to one the biggest heating network in Europe, Chauffage Urbain de Paris (Paris Urban Heating Plant).

The major challenge of CPCU is to switch 3 of its boiler houses from heavy fuel to natural gas firing between 2013 and 2016, while reducing NOx emission beyond 100 mg without any works on the existing boilers.

CMI selected Fives and its Pillard LoNOxFlam G2 burners because of its capacity to design low NOx tailor-made burners, meeting with particularly stringent specifications of CPCU. 

The first phase of this retrofit projects comprises 62 Pillard LoNOxFlam G2 burners on 10 boilers; the installation of the Pillard burners is now complete on one of the boiler while the second one is still on progress.

The commissioning of those 2 generators will start in September.