Global Petroleum show 2016 - Fives promotes its multi-expertise solutions for the oil and gas industry

Global Petroleum 2016 WEB-FIVES

From June 7 to 9, Fives hosted a stand at Global Petroleum Show, Stampede Park, in Calgary, Canada, to promote its multi-expertise offerings for the oil and gas industry.
Global Petroleum Conference and Exhibition is the oil and gas professional’s one-stop outlet to a suite of energy trade shows and conferences designed to bring visitors face to face with new technologies and business opportunities.

This year, the show gathered close to 900 exhibitors through an expansive indoor and outdoor exhibition space which included close to 45,000 attendees some of which being the world's top oil and gas decision makers from companies from all over the world interested.

On this occasion, Fives presented North American and Pillard products for Once Through Steam Generators (OTSG) in enhanced oil recovery applications:

  • North American Ultra Low NOx Magna-Flameâ„¢ GLE burner 
    Introduced to steam production needs while lowering emissions.  
  • North American Magna Flame LE 
    Fives flagship lean premix and ultra low NOx burner with the lowest FGR requirements in the industry.
  • North American 4/6796 solution 
    Offers a dual fuel capacity with low operational costs for emerging oil fields
  • North American 6131-G 
    The standard for 50,000 lb/hr OTSGs and ideal where crude oil is the only available fuel
  • Pillard GRC LONOFLAM G2 
    Multi fuel capacity low NOx burner for front and tangential fired boilers

To know more about North American solutions for oil recovery applications, please contact fna.sales(at)