ITAS became Fives on Nov. 1st


After joining the Group at the beginning of this year, ITAS has now become Fives and the company name will change from ITAS to Fives ITAS.

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Fives ITAS is a family-owned company founded in Monza (Italy) in 1976. It designs and supplies combustion equipment, and has developed proprietary equipment for a range of industries:

  • Process equipment for refineries and Oil & Gas plants (flares, process burners)
  • Emission treatment solutions and burners for environmental applications (thermal oxidizer systems, solvent recovery systems)
  • Direct and indirect fired heater systems

Thanks to its reliable, safe and efficient equipment and solutions, the company has gained a solid reputation and serves a loyal client base, mainly international players active in the Oil & Gas industry, supplying more than 10,000 installations worldwide in its history.

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