Upgrade contract for Fives to replace combustion equipment in Algeria

COMBUSTION Fives Pillard Tebessa Algerie-FIVES

Fives and its Combustion teams were recently awarded for the first time a contract from Société des Ciments de Tébessa, in Algeria to supply Pillard equipment.

The project consists in replacing a line of furnace kiln burners and precalciner burners. The original competitor’s equipment will be replaced by 2 Pillard NovaFlam® gas kiln burners with valve trains, BMS and fans, as well as gas precalciner burners with main and local valve trains, BMS, and spare parts. 

Adding to the challenge, all of the equipment needs to be delivered before the next plant shutdown this month and are expected to be commissioned in spring 2017. 

This new contract opens new opportunities as other cement plants are currently under construction locally.