ITAS air heaters

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ITAS streaming air heaters are widely used for drying in various fields -papers, textile, ceramic, print, tannery and bricks. Fives offers systems for dryers using commercial fuels or special ones, depending on customer’s needs. All ITAS drying systems are compliant with safety regulations, whatever the country.

Flexible system for high thermal efficiency  

ITAS air heaters are the ultimate solution to generate a large volume of clean, hot air with a short flame and a low pressure drop. Based on flexible technology, ITAS air heaters offer a very large modularity. The geometry of the burner can be adapted to the specific needs of the customer while ensuring a better distribution of heating in a very compact layout.

Ultimate technology

Thanks to their large regulating ratio capacity, ITAS air heaters provide a high turndown min-max capacity of the standard burner 1:20 superior to standard technology, even with special features.

Easy maintenance

Based on proven technology, robust and smart design, ITAS air heaters ensure an optimized long-life cycle and easy maintenance operations thanks to easy access.


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Paper, textile, ceramic, print, tannery, bricks, painting, co-generation, converting

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