ITAS process burners

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20 Process Burners 2-FIVES

Installed with a fired heater, a cracker furnace or a reformer, process burners are a critical element in the refining and petrochemical processes.

Whatever the application, the technical requirements or project specifications, Fives designs and supplies a complete range of ITAS process burners, from engineering design to site assistance and supervision, revamping and training:

  • Gaseous fuels, oil, combined 
  • Round flame, flat flame, radiant flame
  • Low NOx, ultra-low NOx 
  • Staged fuel, staged air
  • Up-fired, down-fired, horizontal, side wall configuration 
  • Natural draught or forced draught

ITAS process burners’ design is backed by in-house capabilities for CFD and for real-scale firing tests at Fives’ facilities. Available for new installations or complete retrofitting of existing plants and in compliance with any local regulations, ITAS process burners and complete turnkey systems include a full range of complementary accessories and auxiliary devices; all of them are engineered to minimize maintenance and spare parts 

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