ITAS Catalytic oxidizers

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The oxidizing reaction, which takes place in thermal plants beyond 700°C, may be obtained at lower temperatures through a catalytic bed consisting of metal oxides or salts of precious metal. Catalytic oxidizers are used when heat recovery is not crucial, when pollutant composition is well-known and doesn’t include component which covers or poisons the catalyst.

From engineering and system design to site assistance and supervision, on-line remote assistance, revamping and training, Fives designs and supplies catalytic oxidizers to meet any technical requirements or project specifications, and help customers exceed their objectives in terms of energy consumption and polluting emission. 

Fives offers 2 types of catalytic oxidizers:

Optimized and easy to operate thanks to a regulation system based on flow and temperature in the combustion chamber, ITAS catalytic oxidizers minimize burner’s operation and optimizes the production of combustion gases, reducing emission.

All ITAS catalytic oxidizers are optimized and include a full range of complementary accessories and auxiliary devices to optimize maintenance.

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